Sketchbook Britain 2022

Getting There

I started the journey with just a pencil and a sketchbook and drew a few pictures at the airport.

I wanted to be quicker on the draw and shading with graphite is time-consuming. So when I got to London, I bought a couple of thin-line markers and made some sketches of the hotel where I stayed, the first pub I went to for some fish'n'chips, and a street scene in . 


Rachel came down with Covid so she and her mate Jo got me a room at the Wesley Hotel near Euston Station and I spent a couple of days cooling my heels. When I finally got to Berkhamstead, I showed Rachel my drawings and she suggested that I get some watercolors to give them a splash of color. I bought a cheap set of pans at the Berko art store and my world changed.

The smaller images are from my sketchbook, the larger images are of the 9x12 paintings over the next year from the photos I took along the way.

The Wesley

Dickens Pub

Big Ben Under Repair

Camden Street Sceen

Berkhamstead and the Grand Union Canal

Covid Airbnb

By the time I got to Berko, Jo had come down with Covid, so they got me an Airbnb there so I could at least see Rachel.

I added a few colored markers to my arsenal, but I never really got a feel for them.

Cross Oak Road

Christine Has a Pleasant Breakfast Conversation with Herself at the Crown

The Copper House

Berkhamstead Castle Keeper's House

Bridge 141

The Red Bridge

Waitrose Bridge

Opening the Gates

Green Narrow Boat

Empty Lock

Swamp Chicken (Moorhen)



Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle

Purple Flower Wall


The House on Menlove Avenue

The Cavern Club Museum Re-Creation


Chester Bridge from the Chester Wall

Jo Makes Her Move


Cardiff Castle Keep


The Heel Stone